Thursday 29 January 2015

CWP Beauty: Want Your Skin to Glow? Add Cucumber to your Shopping List!

Hi lovilies, how has the week been treating you? I'm pretty happy today cos another week is about go down. More importantly, its 29th of January already so I'm super excited *hehehe* every worker will be na, no matter how little your change is. **shines teeth**. Just like yesterday we started 2015 and now we are here (In Olamide's voice "its nothing").

Anyways, you know how we do it here every Thursday; CWP is no exception. Lets learn a few fact about how Cucumber can make our skin glow.

Cucumbers are very nutritious and contain a lot of health benefits. If you haven’t included cucumbers into your diet then I advice you do so from today henceforth because you’ve got  a lot to gain. I believe this article will convince you. Enjoy!....

Cucumber is very notable for its medicinal properties and its the fourth most cultivated vegetable in the world which is known to be one of the best foods for your body’s overall well-being. Cucumbers are scientifically known as Cucumis sativus and contain health benefits. Researchers have found that cucumbers contain lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol and these three lignans have been connected with researches on reduced risk of cardiovascular disease as well as several cancer types, including breast, uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancers. Cucumbers contain some anti-cancer properties.

Cucumbers can be eaten raw or cooked (I prefer the raw one though). They share the same hydrogen levels with the skin and that is why its recommendation to reducing swelling and puffiness is on the rise. It has a cooling effect and cleansing properties. They are helpful in treating many skin problems because of some valuable ingredients in them. When you’ve had a long day and just want to relax, just get your cucumber and slice it nicely. Put them on those tired, swelled, dark eyes and just relax for 15-20 minutes. While doing that, you can chew they rest so that it doesn’t go to waste. A cucumber juice is also advisable and spread on the face and neck.

Some benefits of Cucumber

It improves your complexion
It reduces dark circles under the eyes
It reduces puffiness of the eyes
It is used in treating sunburn

How to make Cucumber Juice

Cucumber and avocado treatment  is simple and it works. All you need is avocado pear, cucumber and egg white.

**Slice the cucumber and avocado pear, remove its seeds
**Add separated egg white then blend (with a blender) all ingredients together till it becomes
    smooth and pastry. 
**If you want to go the extra mile you can add powdered milk and blend some more so it mixes well.

I would advice you put the paste in the fridge and leave for 30 minutes so it can have that cooling effect. Then apply the paste on your face and neck and leave the mask to dry and just relax.  Finally, rinse off with warm water then cold water afterwards. 

Many people make the mistake of trying out different beauty regimens at once, make sure you stick to one at a time to get your results and save your skin the stress of trying to adjust to different treatments.

You can also try cucumber juice mixed with few drops of fresh lemon juice applied onto the face and neck as facial mask. It rejuvenates the skin and leaves it glowing afterwards.

**grinning** I hope this helps someone out there.  **hugs**


  1. Heard a lot about the wonders of cucumber but yet to try it.....its always straight to my mouth lol but I will give it a try now

    Tanx for sharing!!!

    1. Yeah, cucumber works wonders. when eaten, it work from inside which also advisable but I think its best when you eat and apply on your skin.

      Thanks you for your comment, i do appreciate!!!

  2. I will give it a try cos I want fresh face. Am fedup of pimples

    1. Oh dear! I can imagine your annoyance, my face used to have so much pimples on it until i learnt how to deal with it the natural way...maybe I should do a post on pimples.

  3. Eating cucumber since 1890ad though it's tasteless but it's highly nutritional apart from the fresh skin bla bla, it's also good for weight loss.

  4. On my way to d market to get cucumber tenks


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