Tuesday 27 January 2015

CWP Style: Monochrome Fever; Get it Right!

Most people thinks rocking a monochrome outfit is so easy because it is black and white or tones of only one color **laughing** lies dearies, cos you might rock your monochrome outfit and end up looking very boring, you don't want that right? Now, the idea is to rock an outfit and slay....to make them stare **I'm not talking about making them steal glances at you oo** I mean STARE. To achieve this, you need be more creative, more daring and more adventurous, like make people anticipate your next outfit. 

Good thing is Monochrome can be worn to just anywhere and it can be styled in so many ways; you can either wear a plain monochrome outfit or spice it with a touch of other colours. 

Phew! sometimes, I hate to do too much talking (writing rather) *lol* let these photos speak for me joor, find them after the cut....

I'm pretty sure some of you didnt know the combo of white and black can be this beautiful...well, now you know barbie dolls, thank me now **shine teeth**


  1. Guess I need to upgrade, nice collection. Im Thanking you now Pat. Lolll


  2. Beautiful people with lovely outfit. Keep it up pat.

    1. Aluko Kehinde I see u, which do you want "hug or kiss" thank you

  3. Monochrome? Hmmmnnnn, nice, lovely, radiante,n etc


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