Saturday 11 July 2015

Ankara/Asoebi Style Inspiration

Is anybody home? **looks around** 
Hellooo! Hello!! **talks to self** so I left home for 2 days and they are all out playing with friends?? hehehehe
 I'm kinda feeling like a mum. lol.
How are you doing sweeties? How did your week go? 
Mehnn! My week was short, like I close my eyes then open it and its Saturday already(love it that way though)....But Thursday & Friday were apologies for not coming here on both days. 

I'm here with some Asoebi/Ankara Styles to inspire you when next you are visiting your designer, do have a look...

I see three CWP readers up there **side eyes at Chinco bee** she keeps lashing me about not featuring blog readers and she has refused to send in her own pic. 

If you would love to feature on the blog please send pics to, I will be glad to receive them, who knows, we might start a new segment "CWP Reader of the Month" what do you think?

Wishing you all a fab weekend.

Loads of love


Disclaimer: All pictures are gotten from instagram, if you find your picture here and want it to be taken down, please kindly notify me and I will act accordingly. Thanks.


  1. These styles are beautiful...i love the blue more

    1. Damm honestly some people are beautiful ...they gave the attires real value..

      elitism6.blogspot. com

  2. lovely styles...I want to make a maxi skirt, they never go out of fashion.

  3. Yaaaaaaay atlast.... I see Madam BMF

    Pat yes nah, it's cool....We will be sending you our owanbe pinsures now

    Lovely pictures tho. Na so so white people full there. Do the styles come with stature? Cos me no understand as e go fit me!!!!

  4. Love the pink and blue(or green) gown

  5. All wonderful individual looks and style.

  6. Choi, I see me. No wonder my spirit was telling me to come here!Hehehe hehe. Thanks Pat *winkwink *

  7. I am making that yellow gown asap love it so much..
    Nice one Pat.

  8. beautiful and lovely styles

  9. Wow the beauty of Ankara/asoebi - I'm spoilt for choice oooo. That electric blue one is so gorgeous and I'm going to wear a lovely blue dress for my traditional wedding - I can picture myself looking resplendent in it lol


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