Thursday 30 July 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

OMG!! I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by two beautiful people **grinning**.

Top of the morning dearies (its morning in this part of the world) hope you had a good night rest? I did too and I woke up really cold. Yesterday, Gloria of Trendy Living nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award and this morning, same nomination came from Amaka of Heart Rays, me? like really I'm I versatile? wow!! Thank you so much Gloria and Amaka for nominating me for this Award....I am so so delighted and honoured.

What's the Versatile Blogger Award all about: 
It is an award given to bloggers whose posts and pictures have some sort of uniqueness and who have in one way or the other inspired and motivated their readers/ now see why I am delighted by this award right?? Thanks once again Gloria and check out their blogs guys by clicking on their names, they both have a way of speaking to my soul with their inspiring and heart touching posts.

The rules for this award states:
  • Thank the person who gave you this award and include a link to their blog (which I have done)
  • Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and inform them too (Gloria & Amaka nominated almost everyone I have in mind and I didn't want to nominee the people they had already nominated, so I drew up a new God, there are loads of amazing bloggers)
7 thing about myself **clears throat**
1. Growing up, my parents made me believe I am a verrrry tall girl (maybe I grew up so fast) right now, I can bet that I am not taller than 5.6" (never checked) if not even shorter sef.

2. I am semi introvert and semi extrovert, yes! I am just in between. I hardly go out but if and when I do, I catch my fun to the fullest.

3. I love wearing masculine wrist watches...I am not always a girly girl jare.

4. I have a thing for people who can speak well with clear diction (not forming American English when you have not even cross border before o), I can listen to them all day even if they are talking rubbish...but its best you speak well and be making sense biko.

5. My two great getaway (after God) from stress, sadness & pain is listening to music and working out...they revive my spirit.

6. I am not sure but its either I do not dream most times when I sleep or I just don't remember them.

7. I am a naturalista, had my big chop in Sept 2014, cheated with relaxer again in Dec 2014 and had another BC in May, sisters think I'm weird 'cos of all the edibles I use on my, sometimes, I think its weird too.

Now you know a lil about me....I am nominating these amazing bloggers below:

There are more I want to nominate but the rule says 15 **sigh**

I would love to read about y'all on your blog, so don't forget to inform me when you put the post up.

Remember to always tag/DM me your pictures on IG @divapat92.

Thanks you for always coming around dearies.




  1. Wow you love masculine watches.. Please allow your hair to rest lol.. Nice reading about you.

  2. #2! That's so me!
    I love how you outlined this post. Nice.

  3. I think I will be needing tips on how to grow out my hair from you Pat...*covers face

    Nma's Blog 

  4. Nice reading about you, you are indeed unique. No 6 is so me, someone said its spiritual, lol.

  5. Wait oh! Working out Revives your Spirit?! Nawa oH! Me aYav kuku tire for exercising.. After this month ehhhnn.. I resign :( .. Biko I cannot come and goan die because of Ultimate search for Muscle biko.. Nice one Bae! ya an Introvert?! Ifaye! **Singing.. Liar Liar Pants on Fire.. taa...

    Oooooossssshhheeeey Turn uP! Wait oh! **In the great Toinlicious' voice.. Hiya eFFeryboRRy! aYav finally been nominated.. Yyyyaaaayyy.. Wait first! **Wears Straight face... Holl uP! Holl uP! Holl uP! Soooo Cold was catching you in the night?! And Cold was catching me too in the night?! Hmmmnn.. Can you not hear the call of LoF.. heheh we are 2 hearts beating at a Distance ni,... hehehehehe iKid..

    Ehen Back to my yaying... Yyyyyaaaayyyy... Thank you so much CatWoman for this Versatile Award nomination.. It means pleNRRy to us at the Young and Confused gang... I haF never really come around to doing this award.. So aYam ghen gheLY excited.. Plus having that we are a Gang now.. Its a big deal for US... So Yyyyaaaaayyy.. First Award in 2015.. and the crowd goes.. #ItcanonlybeGOD

    How are you CatWoman toh Sure?! kenkenemeghani?! We at the Young and Confused Gang are humbled by your thoughts and support for the gang.. I mean ya just a very ghen ghen someboRRy like that.. Infact **Drops on One Knee.. Wihh you come and go and marry US?! All of us oh! **Winks.. :)

  6. Congrats sweetheart on this nomination

  7. ok.... i love mens wristwatch too... tanks forthe nomination

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  8. Pat!Pat!...hmmm, interesting to know about you and tanks for the nomination, i surely ll put up my post soon

  9. I am no3. I don't do girly wristwatch. The one I mistakenly bought I gave it to my sis. Not even minding the price

  10. Whoop. At least someone didn't forget me *side eyes at Amaka*
    The masculine wristwatch is so me. I love seeing big watches on my tiny wrist. Go girl!

  11. Thanks for nominating me, I definitely can relate with 2 and 3.

  12. Was very interesting to read - you are a unique individual

  13. Yes oh!! Nne... She is Over Unique sev and Join... :)

  14. Congrats dear.. Please check out my blog

  15. Omo daada...You deserve it barbie...Welldone


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