Thursday 30 July 2015

Brows of Life (Photo)

hehehehe, these brows auntie is it by force to draw your brow? choi!!

Please check How to draw a perfect brow, if you are like one of them up there. **winks**

Which one of them deserves to get slapped first though? hehehehe, can't deal.


  1. Choi...that C deserves the first slap obviously! Ahn-ahn!

    Nma's Blog 

  2. lol
    Is F for real?
    E isnt that bad tho
    D reminds of the nollywood actress turned evangelist
    C be like, I watch a lot of you tube videos
    B must be surprised or something
    A no comment

    F gets the first slap

  3. Aha!! hehehehe I almost choked on the Vegetable soup i just finished eating! aha! **Oicks up Public Address system... Ladies and gentlenmen.. Biko WaRRisALLDis?! Who sent A, D and F message?! Soo in 2015, someboRRy wihh just sit down, face mirror like say them send Juju from Village and and then come and goan turn herself to Egungun Calabar by herself.. nawa oH! It eezz not a Joking Sturvzz oh! fashion iZiT by force ni?! Cause me aNefEr hexsepeRRed this sam sam.. :)

  4. Great jokers indeed. Greetings!

  5. They look so ridiculous in those eye brows. Babe, I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award. You can visit my blog to see the nomination list.

  6. lolz @ brows of life

    Read this hilarious piece… CLICK HOW TO REALLY LOSE A GUY IN TEN DAYS

  7. Torr!
    I no get strength to draw brows biko

  8. Hahahaha.... hilarious!

  9. Brow of life

  10. I don't even know wat to say I saw those brows nd I just got weak in d spirit maka why now


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