Thursday 23 July 2015

CWP Beauty: Whats that particular Makeup you cannot leave home without?

Hey dolls!! How are you doing? Please forgive me for not posting since the beginning of the week **covers face** I have been working on something that's taking most of my time, I hardly have time for my system sef, I hope you understand. Its been a very busy day for me today too and because I do not want to leave this space blank for too long, I putting this post up.

Let's have a little discussion....
I would love to know that one makeup that you can not leave home without; could be a well filled brow, lip stick, eyeshadow, foundation, powder, mascara, eye liner. I know someone who is just fine with applying mascara to her eyelashes and lining her under eyelid with a black pencil....datzall.

I can actually leave home without makeup but on most cases, powder and filling my brows is a must....I think Eyebrows add balance and coordination to your entire facial feature, they make the eyes pop even without other touches of makeup.

Various pics where I applied just powder, lined my brows and lips stick....lip stick is not a must for me though.

If you are unsure on how to get a perfect shaped brow, this post should guide you.

Your turn, tell me that particular makeup that you can't leave home without.

Thank you dearies for always sticking around even when I am not here.

Much love from PAT.


  1. Concealer and eyebrow a must for me

  2. For me it's my oil-control powder..

  3. Lipgloss and powder

  4. lipgloss is a must for me...hows you darling

  5. I rarely wear make up but i can't leave the house without lip gloss because my lips tend to get very dry


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