Wednesday 22 April 2015

Amber Rose Flaunts Curves In Tight Green Dress As She Hits London Social Scene

Amber Rose Header

Amber has never been one to shy away from flaunting her curves at any given opportunity.
The 31-year-old model and mother of one is set  to make a string of special club appearances across the UK over the next few days, and on Tuesday, Amber Rose kicked off the proceedings by hitting the London social scene.

She looked absolutely stunning and paraded her voluptuous derriere in a green bodycon dress as she made her way towards popular hotspot DSTRKT with her entourage in tow.

Amber paired the dress which featured a long zip detail at the back with a sleeveless leather jacket while amping up the glam factor with gold Giuseppe Zanotti  strappy heels and a matching statement choker.

The American star concealed her eyes with a slick set of white-rimmed sunglasses, while a nude lip, red talons and a touch of blush gave the look the perfect flourish.

See more pics below....

amber rose4
amber rose3

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  1. I don't like,she sha wants to be like Kim. ..

  2. Thought she started wearing weaves? Plus is that a bodyguard or a date?

    1. Lol. I was wondering why the bodyguard was holding her waist so possessively too.

  3. Hmmn... Hmmn... Hmnnnnn... Amber oh Amber! The sweet banana.. **Covers face and Peeps through hands holes... heheh see why I fear geRRin married... So many Temptations everywhere :(.. This lady is a very ghen ghen someborry oH! kai! This is what Igbo people will see and shout! Ukkwwwwwuu!!!!

    Hiya Catwalk with Pat! :)

  4. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee Amber!!!!...I love how she does whatever the hell she wants to do and I love how she's got a beautiful heart too...

  5. Gorgeous woman. Thought she had a new look?

  6. She struts like a cool-headed diva..Nice shades, BTW only divas wear shades at
    pls visit

  7. Hi am back lol...f you asked us a yay or nay,this is definitely a nay...her thighs must be crushingly sweating,the dress is obviously not her size.

  8. mehn, she has killer shape just that her own na learner for kim side, the clothdid justice to her curves. How is pat doing????

  9. She has a gorgeous look even though I am not a fan of hers.

  10. Not a fan

    Nice shape

    I don't like the back of the dress

    If you are not Kim, you can never be Kim lolz


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