Wednesday 29 April 2015

CWP Fitness: Reasons Your Workouts Are Not Working

Hey dearies!! How is it going? I woke up in some kind of way today; I dont always get to remember my dreams **shrugs** I just know its good or bad dream base on my mode...and today, its happy mode for me and I aint goon allow anyone spoil this happiness for me **shakes head** no way! Is it just me, **looks around** or does anyone else dream and not remember?? I am so curious please.

Lately I got mails from two of our readers saying that their workouts don't seem to be working...I know that feeling 'cos I felt same way when I just started working out. Now, if you've been working out for a while and are not seeing any result, it could be.....

  • that you are not doing it properly, I would advice you take out time to watch one or two workout videos for guidance. You can check youtube and even Instagram, these videos will also inspire you to do more. Go follow Nollywood Actress Kate Henshaw on IG @k8henshaw, that woman is one of my biggest inspiration. Aunty Kate, you know I love you na...okay, you may not know but I do love you **shines teeth** 
  • that  you are eating the wrong kind of food, Yes! Your workout will be WASTED efforts if you do not eat right. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, make JUNKS your enemy. Read here, here, here and here for what to eat or not.
  • that you are not consistent enough. Consistency and determination does it faster. You can not workout just once and expect a miracle to happen; come on na, it doesn't work that way. You should be able to workout at least 3 times in a week and I bet you, in one month you will begin to see results.
  • that you do not drink detox water. Start your day with a glass of detox water, it is not only recommended for weight loss, it has a whole lot of health benefits. Detox water is the new Soda. lol.
  • that you can not stand the pain that comes with working out. Truth be told, you are going to feel pain. When I just started working out, laughing was a problem for me, because of the pain I feel around my tummy but since I was bent on getting a bikini bod **wide grin** I continued and you know what? after awhile I stopped feeling pains. So, the pains too shall pass.

  • that you do not like to sweat. No matter how filthy you think it is, sweat is good. Sweat baby, sweat!!!

Extra extra

1. Slim doesn't mean fit and Fat doesn't mean workout is for everyone.
2. You are what you eat.
3. No matter how busy you are, always make out time to work that body.
4. Focus on how good you feel after a workout session and not on the pain and sweat.
5. Your flaws are beautiful; so, you are unique.

I hope this is going to motivate someone out there, I hope someone is going to stop being lazy and start working out **side eyes**, I hope this is helpful. The comment box is not for fancy, use it to share your thoughts **winks**

Remember to always stay beautiful.

Much love.



  1. Slim doesn't mean fit and Fat doesn't mean healthy -----so true!!!

  2. Lol I can't work out to save my life. I'm just too lazy for that

  3. Okay I am not really on the bigger side..

  4. Ever since I worked out on Sunday my lower abdomen has been in pains oo,but why nah? I don't think I will work out again jawe

  5. This is the issue between my hubby and me. I am toooooo lazy for workouts.

  6. Pats am slimmm and I even want to add weight sef, so I try to eat much,do I need to work out too?

    1. Yes you should.

  7. Thats interesting, thanks for that!

  8. Oh Lord, give me the strength to do wat Pat says. Amen. How r u doing diaries. E-hugs to you.

  9. Okay Story of my life time.. In 2014 yeah, i did an average of 250 push ups and 250 Sit ups daily in search of muscle and a beach Body like my Ex would demand.... Bubba.. Pichikom Muscle i no see.. Half of Pichikom sef i no see **Crying in Spanish... I mean my bones didnt even increase in size talkless of Muscle comig out :(. Instead ehnnn, I ended up with a hurting spinal cord.. Since then i was like in ** 's voice.. Fuck my life... No time for Muscle biko.. Hence Omolomo e haf given up on muscle building lonnnnggg time biko.. I cannot come and go and come and die for muscle just to impress woman jo.. **Covers face.. :(

    1. Dear Lawd! you got me rolling on the floor...choi! my belle oo. dont come and die on top palava biko...A little workout to stay fit wouldn't kill you though. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Thanks darlings for stopping by and leaving your comments...I see them all. **E-hugs**


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