Monday 27 April 2015

CWP Person of The Week - Toun Ajiboye

Looking good is good business and for some people, they do not need to try too hard to get it right; it comes so easy for them, Toun is one of those people. I visit her fashion blog sometimes and I must say her style is cool like that.

She is a stylist, Fashion designer for Toun AJ couture, style blogger and the CEO Toun AJ store.

I totally love her styles; see some for yourself...

Remember to stay beautiful dearie and make people STARE!!!

Do have a blissful week ahead.

Much love.

Photo - Instagra/tounaj


  1. Woooow! This lady is very stylish, she has got a good fashion sense.

  2. Hmmn baddest Fashionista! How come I never knew her before now? Thanks for sharing Pat.

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wify to be where are you??? lolz am cat walking to her blog now......

  4. She definitely has a daring sense of style. Dope

  5. Now thiis is what I call daring. She's got style.

  6. she is very stylish, been to her blog a couple of times

  7. Love her style, always intimidated anytime I visit her blog....Pat pls can you feature someone that is a student(just simple everyday style but still cool.

  8. Lovellllly and daring

    I love the first pic!!


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