Monday 13 April 2015

CWP Person of The Week - Sazi_Hills

Top of the morning dearies!!! How did your weekend go? I want to specially thank everyone for the birthday wishes and comments, I am super grateful. To all our new readers **tambourine jingles** you are welcome; keep visiting.

This week's CWP person is Sazi with Instagram handle @fashion_53, she is a stylist, personal shopper, Personal Style blogger and a mum of two.  I would define her style as trendy and I think she's got a great body for a mum of two.

Get inspiration from some of her outfit.....


  1. I love her style! The suspenders outfit 👌👌

    Molola's Blog

  2. Mother of two?

    These women ain't smiling ooooo

    Lovely stature and her outfits are nice

  3. As in they are not smiling, motherhood is the trend I can't wait

  4. She knows that she knows that she has ittt! If a mother of two can still have a flat tummy, what excuse do I have?


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