Tuesday 21 April 2015

CWP Style: Are you daring enough to wear Sneakers & A Wedding Dress?

Nollywood  actress Ivie Okujaye who came into limelight in 2009 after winning the Amstel Malta Box Office competition got married to her best friend of 10 years On Saturday and everyone have been talking about how fabulous her wedding was. The dress, dancing everything seemed to be quite different from the norm.

What actually caught people's attention what the fact that she pair both her short wedding dress and her traditional wedding outfit with a sneaker...wow!!! more pics below....
Not every girl fancy heels that much, I am an example and I think there was never a law that says all brides must wear heels.....I just love her boldness. Up until I searched google, she is the first bride I know that rocked Sneaker & A wedding dress. **claps** lol.

Beautiful Bride!

See other pics I found on google

I'm so curious right now **giggles**
Ladies, I would love to know if you would wear sneakers on your wedding day?
Guys, would you let your bride wear sneakers on your wedding day?
Is it okay to wear sneakers with traditional outfit?

Share with me in the comment section.

Stay beautiful.




  1. Doesn't go with the traditional outfit.. its her choice tho..happy married life to her all the same.

  2. lol....like seriously? i know she is going to be very relaxed and comfortable compared to if she has used heels, kai but Nigeria is not civilized to this extent, i don't think i can try this.

  3. Seriously? I kinda like it with the wedding gown. even if I am going to wear this, leboo will never allow me. lols.
    sneakers and a traditional outfit is no no for me. hello! it is called TRADITIONAL outfit.

    Hey Pat how have you been?

    1. Hiya Cass!!!

      Long time no comment **winks** I have been fine dear, just miss you here...welcome!!!

  4. Are you kidding me? And here I thought I was crazy. . . Hmmmm. . . *talks to self* Amaka, can you do that? I can do anything. Lol

    She is a beautiful bride.

  5. lolz... I love the first photo from Google...... she is bautiful


  6. She isn't just beautiful but also a bold bride.

    Trendy Living Blog

  7. Babe, I can't get enough of this post. Please may I rehash it on Heart Rays??? please. . .

    1. go ahead dearie...would love to know what your readers think too.

    2. Thanks sweetie!

      Done. Kindly check it out.

  8. I see Naija girls rocking this. Mehn this girl dared to be different and that is so unique. I think my feet will rock some flat sandals on my big day, 'cos me I have conscience ooh... LOL

  9. For real?so that was what she wore? I just don't see this part of this babe. Saw her wedding video where she was dancing lastweek and I was like WOW

    Even her wedding gown was so comfty for her. Nice 1 but I won't rock that on a wedding gown

  10. I wouldn't wear sneakers for any of the 2 occasions. Maybe if i had an after wedding party tho.

  11. I didn't wear a sneakers on my wedding gown nor trado, it doesn't suit.its a no no for me



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