Monday 10 August 2015

Body Of Life: Serena Williams For New York Magazine!


Serena Williams is giving her haters one more thing to hate on her for as she shows off her flexibility and strength while rocking a sexy black two piece for New York Magazine.
The tennis titan also slays in a couple of other shots as she talks about her life post retirement, revealing that she will be transitioning from sports to fashion.
The 33 year old also talks about her numerous trophies saying,

“I have lots of trophies, and I’m just — I’m not that person that needs to see all these trophies, I have some in my house here, some in my house there, some I don’t know what happened to ’em. I have my grand-slam trophies.

See more pictures below....

Hot woman!!!


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 06.52.25


  1. Wow!See her banging masculine body.

  2. Fierce! I mean mega Fierceee... I can like this Serena geh shhhaaaa.. But for the record yeah CatWoman... Do you know that there are some activities that if this geh and a guy will indulge in ehn.. and Na the guy go first tire?! Dont think bad thing jo CatWoman.. aYam talking of Arm wrestling.. **Winks..

    Hoe are you Bubba?! Just want to say thank you.. For last week.. You know... You were an Angel.. a Miracle.. GOD bless you loads bae... oya Chop E- kiss.. and E- Hug.. E-Tou..... **Slaps Self.. Oyya Duru get a hold ya self.. **Winks..

    1. lol, JdB you haff spoil finish sha...tufiakwa!!!

      my dear I am happy you are fine now, or least strong enough to act fine, I like the high spirited Duru and Im glad it is back.

  3. Her body is really banging... Was gisting with a friend some weeks back and he said that serena looks like a I tink dats wat sports du to the body of a woman

  4. Serena has got a banging masculine body. She's damn too hot for days

  5. One word.. WOW

  6. Hian

    Over masculine dey worry her body


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