Thursday 6 August 2015

CWP Beauty: 5 Smudge-Proof Lipstick Tricks You Need Today!

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There are a few things that give us the chills when it comes to makeup. Panda eyes are a girls’ worst friend, inverted ‘Nike eyebrows’ always make us squeak and of course, the classic smudged lipstick.
When lipstick goes beyond the lip and starts to make your makeup look less than stellar, it is never a good look. So how do you get rid of this makeup hazard? Simply follow these simple 5 step guide below.....

1. Prepare your lips
Most of us think this is just something we say to make you think makeup is more than it is. But in reality it is very important. Applying makeup when your lips are dry and chapped is never going to give you that awesome lip that you envisioned when you bought that RiRi Woo. So, instead of just applying and hoping it turns out great; you can bring out the best in it.
Simply use a toothbrush to brush over your lips to get rid of the excess skin on the lips and try a sugar scrub once a week to keep your skin nice and soft.
Tip: Instead of adding “Brush lip with toothbrush” to your to-do list, simply add it to your routine while brushing. This way your lips stay as fresh as your breath.

2. Keep your lips moisturized
We cannot stress how important this is. You cannot in any way have smudge-proof lipstick if you don’t adhere to this rule. Try using a lip balm on days you don’t have colour on. We recommend the EOS Lip balm {It tastes weird, but you will love the results}. This way you are giving your lips a lot of love and attention everyday. And when it is time for the lipstick application, simply blot off the excess lip balm or apply loose powder to your lips so the lipstick has something to grip/ hold on to.

3. Always use the Index Finger trick
This is a very handy trick if you always end up with lipstick stains on your teeth. And it’s very simple. After you have applied your lipstick, take your index finger (or any finger really) and put it in your mouth then wrap your lips around it. Then pull the finger out. Voila! It takes away all the excess lipstick that could stain your teeth later.

4. Blot, blot, blot
This is especially handy when you’ve gotten on the wrong side of the sun, especially with really glossy lipsticks. Simply apply one coat and then place a blotting paper over the coat and apply some loose powder over it. Be sure to use an invisible powder so your lipstick does not look dirty in the process. After this, you can choose to apply another coat for intensity, but remember to blot after wards.

5. Use a lip pencil or concealer
This is a special trick that you definitely need. Now, most gals would rather not use a lip pencil, so we have got the next best thing. Instead of using a lip pencil you can use a concealer and lip brush. Simply apply the lipstick as you wish, then take a little concealer and using the lip brush, trace the corners of your lip. This works the same way as using concealer for your eyebrows. It is meant to clean the edges and helps keep your lipstick from running onto your face.

There you have it. 5 awesomely fab steps that can hep you say goodbye to smudged lipstick permanently. 

Have some tips we didn’t share? Come on and share them with us.

Ps: Its really a busy week for me, please bear with me for not posting much on the blog this week.

Stay beautiful.

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  1. lip balm helps to exfoliate the lips by killing off the dead cells... u re pardoned hun

    if we used to divorce because we were unhappy, today we divorce because we could be happier. And if divorce carried all the shame, today, choosing to stay when you can leave is the new

  2. When lining the lips, take note of the cupid bone on the upper lips. it also gives your lips dat well defined Lips.

  3. I use Mary Kay's satin lips kit. It helps to exfoliate my lip and keeps it moisturized for longer. Using a toothbrush used to leave tiny bruises on my lips esp during winter when my lips tend to dry out more often.

    1. ...and the legendary JB dropped by, thank you maami for the info,...I do appreciate.

    2. Hey CWP, great job you are doing here too!
      Click on my name and see something..... Lol

    3. hehehehhehe, Sejazzy, you got me rolling on the floor...thanks dear.

  4. Make up 101 class

    I love the pic you used..Beaurifullllllllll chic.....ChincoBee Learnnnnnnnn

  5. Sweedy pie...ghis info should have been accompanied with photos for better understanding.. Nice one dear

  6. Very beautiful illustration darling and all the tips have been noted. Btw, number 2 is very important


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