Friday 28 August 2015

Style Quotes to Inspire you

Hey lovelies, How has you week been? I'm sorry if I wasn't able to come here often this week, my schedule has been really tight. Thank God Its Friday.....yeah!!! before the era of social media, nobody was so crazy about Fridays the way people are now, Friday must be feeling special I guess. lol. See dearies, Celebrity Crush of the Week is not coming up today, I hope you will understand, biko. Anyways, I've got some style quotes that can inspire you a bit because I feel alotta people mistake fashion for style, fashion is general while style is personal, its knowing what you are comfortable in and sticking to it.... 


If you are ask how you would define your style, what would be your answer? Do share with us in the comment session.

As for me, I am still trying to experiment but I am in love with vintage and afrocentric styles.

I shall be post Ankara/Asoebi styles tomorrow God willing, please tag/DM me in your pictures on IG @divapat92.

much love.


  1. oh well, the quotes here are awesome... i tink my definition of style has to do wif creation. i awlays say its not abt the cloth buh abt the person wearing it.. can u turn a vewi cheap article of clothing into a knockout? and style shud also involve decency


    1. Very nice quotes - if I were asked to define style, I would say style is a reflection of who you are

  2. One has to be creative to develop your own style.. I dont like to follow the trend rather i want to b a trendsetter

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  3. Nice quotes: I just learnt different things. Never new the real difference till now.

  4. I totally agree with the images

  5. Beautiful post, sweetie! Can I tell you something? This is my best post so far. I live inspirational quotes.

    It is not about the brand, it is about your style. Noice!

  6. Thanks dear for this.


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