Monday 31 August 2015

CWP Person Of The Week - Kassandra Okafor

Hello Queens and.....Kings!!! How's your week starting off? My goodness, its the last day in the month of August, time really flies and it waits for no one....hope you've been able to achieve some of the things you set out for this year? **smiles**

Anyways, ladies and gentlemen meet Kassandra Okafor **claps**, a friend of mine whose style I admire so much...I love the woman she is becoming. Kassandra graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University and is awaiting NYSC, she's also an aspiring actress. Aside from her great fashion style which she shares on her IG page @kaxzandra, she makes hilarious videos, you guys should really follow her. When asked to define what Style means to her, she said "one must not wear the most expensive attire to look good, one must not go naked to look classy what you require is good sense of cloth combination" which is indeed the truth.

Take a quick peep at some of her slay moments....

What do you think of her style, lemme know in the comment box.

You can catch Kassy on IG: @kaxzandra and snap chat: kaxzandra8.

If you would love to feature on this segment, do not hesitate to mail me or DM me on IG @divapat92.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Really colourful, i like the fact that she is not afraid to pair bright colours together.

    Pat how far na? Abeg reply my mail.

  2. Teach me how to dress Kassandra..

    1. Ahahahahhaha Gloria you have been visiting Laura's blog too much

      She is not bad!!!!lovely

  3. She is modest. I like her style.

    Hi Kassie!

    1. Yea shez really modest.. I love the last pix cos of the skirt

      Glowyshoe blog

  4. Wow! She slayed it. Not too loud, very modest. This is my kinda style

  5. Her style is bae, me love it
    Hey pat, how are you

  6. **Singing in Harry Songs Voice.. Beta Piki ah! You be like your mama pikin.. Se as you dey Poko piki.. me i know say you go sabi the thing.. Fine gehh.. eh! Sexy geh eeehnn.. fine geh! ehhh... A Golden geh...

    heheheh catWoman she looks amazing.. and the Green on Lemon picShur just made me almost have a heart attack lori crushing **Winks.. Biko.. Tell her aYam single, searching and my Bluetooth is on so i am searchable.. **Shines teeth..

    P.S: I am not too sure though.. But I feel like aYaf met her lori Instagram before.. **Scratches White Bia Bia in thoughts.. She is a Hawtie oh! comeoooooonnn!


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