Monday 3 August 2015

CWP Man Crush Monday of the Month - Noble Igwe

Hiya people!!! How are you doing this beautiful morning? Hope you had a swell weekend? weekend was just calm....stayed indoor, watch TV and had enough sleep...I can't wait to do this again. hehehehe.

Lemme guess, you are surprised at this post? am I right? don't be dearie...I couldn't help it anymore, I mean, Noble Igwe is a slay daddy, like he looks dapper in just everything he wears, I have been crushing on his style for ages....goodness!! dude is effortlessly stylish. I know I don't do men's style but I though since I've been getting a few guys that comes around to peep, why don't we do a lil something for them...then MCM popped in my head. I really dunno how this will go but I will see how I can pull this off every first Monday of each Month, God helping me.

Nobs is the man behind 360nobs and I ever get an opportunity to go through his wardrobe, I will steal take a few hat for myself. **winks**

Find some of his slaying moment below....

What do you think of his style? share you thoughts in the comment box.

Stay fashionable this week dearies.

Much love.

IG: divaPAT92


  1. He's got a great style...loved the agbada with red sandals and cap more
    Nma's Blog 

  2. Some naija men are really stylish..

  3. Noble Igwe's look in these photos are just too excellent. I like the 4th pic most

  4. my Man crush everyday

  5. I love stylish guys. I had to rush over to his page to feed my eye.

    1. Ah B-cube! I wee tell. You did what? *holds head*

  6. Well, he's fine sha. *flips hair*

    1. Amaka wat do you mean by he is sha fine? Better admit it...*straightface*

  7. Choi, the guy like AKO.
    I love all his agbadas plus the combination of that red sandal just that he too dey bone abi that one sef na swagger?

    He definitely slayed it!!!

  8. Great style indeed. Greetings!


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