Wednesday 26 August 2015

CWP Fitness: Fun Ways to Workout

Why do people think that "Ahan! you have gained weight o" or "Hmmm! you are getting fat" is a compliment? Surprised? better don't be cos I know a few people who would give you a tight hug if you tell them the above. Many people mistake fat for "chopping money". I always tell anyone who is willing to listen that "Slim doesn't mean Fit and Fat doesn't mean Healthy", whether you are slim or fat, there is always a need to exercise your body and stay fit. Today I want to share workouts you can do without feeling like you are walking out, here goes....
1. Get a workout partner: You feel tired easily when you workout alone but with a partner, it will feel like you are just out playing, you can even challenge each other and try to outdo each other. With this you will get effective result in speedy time.

2. Take a walk: Not every time car, bus, bike...sometimes take a 15-20 minutes walk around your neighbourhood alone or a friend.

3. Go Jogging: Okay, you walk can actually "graduate" into a jog. Start slowly and as you begin to get comfortable intensify your walk into a jog.

4. Play football: No! I am not asking that you get a full football team, you and your workout partner can have fun while playing football, running around the "pitch", sweating and burning calories.

5. Ride your bicycle: Riding a bike is a fun way to burn up those calories without feeling like you are  even working hard.

6. Go for a Swim: This is one thing I am so eager to learn, who will teach me **looks around**. I am not talking about "going into a pool to play" here, I mean swim! You and a friend can challenge each other to see who will get to the other end first.

7. Skip: Get a skipping rope and have fun while burning those stubborn calories.

8. Dance! Dance!! Dance: I bet I dont need to say much on this one...when I dont feel like working out but have to, I just plugged me headset to my ear and dance like no one is watching.

While you are doing the above, try to have fun and be sure you are doing them the right way.

Its mid-week, stay beautiful, stay healthy, stay fit and always wear a big smile.




  1. Caty woman biko tell me you go through all this routine and dont lie#liedetectoractivated

    Glowyshoe blog

    1. lol. no baby girl, I dont do all of the above. I actually did this post for people who find workouts like Crunches, sit-ups, squats, push-ups, lungs etc boring. You can always find what works for you, you get?

    2. For people like me. Lolz.

    3. Thanks for the above tips. I do a lot of exercise at work (involves being on your feet for 12 hours) - accident and emergency isn't for the faint hearted

  2. I used to skip but I stopped

  3. fanks hun... staying fit is vewi important to me o


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