Tuesday 11 August 2015

Dare to be different...Be the first MISS ALLURE

The search for Miss Allure 2015 is still on.....Miss ALLURE is a beauty pageant aimed at developing hidden beauties as well as potential not yet seen. Our aim is to unveil the hidden potential in young, beautiful, brilliant and intelligent ladies in our world. Miss ALLURE is all about making a difference and helping a young lady to be MORE. You are more than just a pretty face. This is the first edition of Miss ALLURE beauty pageant. And it promises to be exciting, educating, fun and impactful. 

What are you still waiting for? Be the first Miss Allure for absolutely FREE....yeah!! you read right, there is no registration fee required. All you need is....
  • Have a combination of Beauty and Brain
  • Be between the ages of 16 & 26
Dare to be different...Do not allow this opportunity slip through your fingers. 

Register now @ www.missallurebeautypageant.com or call 08068921020, 0802977711

Side note: Please sweeties, I will be away for the rest of the week, I am currently working on something and if it turns out all well, I promise to share my testimony here, please pardon me and don't go too far.**winks** I appreciate you all for all the love and support. God bless you.


  1. Cool stuff

    Can I do this? #thinking# can I?

  2. Gods grace in all u do hun

    Nigerians can be very competitive eh! Even in spiritual things.
    Me: my head day pain me.
    Colleague: your own small, my head, neck, waist, everywhere dey pain me.

  3. May God go with you. YOU shall testify in Jesus name


  4. Keep a positive mind..it gonna turn out rite.

  5. All the best sweerie...


  6. Hello mami....I just had to pop in here and do this...Thank you for showing concern while I was away...May God bless you eh....I am truly humbled to have met you on blosville....and this where Tibs says goodbye lah....take good care of you mami.....**big teddy hug**

    1. Awwww Erniesha, good to know you doing okay...what ever you reason for leaving the blogville, I hope you find hapiness in your future endeavours, I will miss reading from you.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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