Saturday 7 March 2015

Ankara/Asoebi Style Inspiration

**Catwalks in** Hiya everyone!!! 
How are you doing? 
It is very hot in the part of the world where I am right now, 
I feel like I'm going to roast the next minute **dabs face**
I can't stop drinking water. 

Wow! My readers are the bestest
you guyz are awesome....I read some of your comments 
and I smile to myself  and say 
"This small me with all these plenty beautiful readers?" 
Thanks so much for always stopping by **smiles shyly**. 

Okay guyz, permit to present to you this week's 
Ankara/Asoebi Style Inspiration **claps** 
do me a favour by clicking to view more photos **flips hair** 
"Oh! I'm on short hair" **smiles* Enjoy darlings **walks away**.....

The skirt is my style focus biko
I hope you liked everything you saw?? Okay! I will be signing out at junction,
Always remember to make them STARE and for the right reasons,
see you next week....
Oh! before I go, I will love to give out Airtime to one reader, 
I really don't know how to go about it but I just pick at random.




  1. Oh my days! im loving you by the day Pat. the second picture is how I want to dress to church tomoro but my top is gold and gele is red.
    beautiful collections

    1. Cass dear, Please send your phone number to my email;

      I love the combination of your outfit you mentioned above + your were first to comment. hehehe

    2. lolll Thanks Pat. am sending it right away.

  2. Madam u brought mostly old collections and styles this week jor

    1. I want d 1st nd 2nd. Including mercy aigbe's. Love it
      Abeg, make d card reach my end oo. Lolz

    2. Queen baby, ema binu (my yoruba sucks) how many strokes of cane will I get for that. **winks**

  3. Oh my my my !
    Somebody hold me please .
    If one can breath fashion, then i'm doing so right now .
    Very beautiful eye candies .
    I love,love what you tabled today .Very beautiful and elegant .
    The 1th,2nd,4th and last pictures need to grace my closet by force .

    I need a good reliable tailor .
    Pat nne , if you show us such tantalizing outfits, please also drop the number of good tailor who can make same outfit with long tori .
    Please do it for me if you know any .

  4. I love them all especially the last skirt, I love skirt I hardly wear jeans trouser
    I don't like the tube gown
    @nnena I have a good tailor that can make exactly these styles

    1. Bolatito, Bless your sweet heart my dear .
      Please ,please and please tell me how to get in contact with you.
      I hope am not stressing you out ?

      Thanks so much .

  5. I have two on the island,tho not educated but they know wassup and they never disappoint through me they have lots of clients home and abroad their prices are reasonable, I have another at ogudu, she made my registry dress and some wonderful styles because she is educated and expose her prices are.....
    So the choice is yours.

    1. Thanks so much Bolatito for the time and data you spent .
      I'll be needing ALL of them . I hope to home by the first week of next month by God's grace and will update you as time goes on .
      Once again thanks so much for your time .
      I'll be most honoured if there is anything you want me to get you for the time you gave me .

    2. hahahahah! funny you.anything for you,anything for our blog reader.
      you can contact me through my email addy for their numbers :

    3. Awww! thanks BMF for saving my neck.

  6. Lol

    PAT my phone had fault ooo all this while so thatz why I have been MIA

    Back to the Aso Ebi.....I usually love Tube gowns and Maxi skirt!!!!!....but I don't really feel these aso ebi-s.....i only like few ones starting from the first and third.

    All these shapes these women are acquiring I no understand ooo!!!

    1. Oh dear! sorry about your phone? Good to have you back. Hope you are doing fine??

    2. Tanx dear...Am fine and the phone is better

  7. Dear Pat, u re d best! ever since i started visiting blog sites,i've neva met a blogger dat is humble,kind nd appreciativ like u. Is nt all abt money u knw nd dats y am always wantin to read more post from u. Pls dear keep it up coz i love nd appreciate ur good work here coz ever since i cam here i ve learnt alot. Love ya

    1. Awwww!!! I feel honoured. Thanks a bunch

  8. I love everything u post here. Anytime i com bk to naija i will love to sow all dis styles.

  9. dey are all beautiful


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