Monday 30 March 2015

CWP Person of The Week - Eniola Powede Lawrence

Hello darlings!! How are you this new week?
How did your weekend go, hope you went out to vote?
 I am happy everything was peaceful. Let the best man win jare.

When I woke up this morning and remembered I have to to CWP Person of the week, 
 I knew it has to be no other person but Eniola Lawrence; that babe has been giving me inspiration for a long time. She is not only beautiful but stylish and fashionable. Eniola is MBGN Tourism 2013 and a Nurse by qualification. Take a look of some of her looks I love....

Photo - Instragram/@powedelawrence


  1. But this gal is fine sha

  2. Must u copy evrything on Mack? Being following d two blogs nd truthfully u r nt unique at all. I like you but I hope u dnt land this beautiful blog of yours in trouble with plagiarism.

    1. Hater alert

    2. Princess, like really? I am copying everything on Mac? Wow, I must be dumb!!!
      I like you too and I am assuring you that I wouldn't land this beautiful blog of mine in trouble.
      Keep visiting doll **Hugs**

    3. Ho ho ho . Princess the princess, I hail you .
      Are you for real ? So her ranting about someone coping her work was all about Pat ?
      Well, tell her to wake up and stop being a cry baby WITHOUT ANY REASON .
      She should upgrade or bow out .

      Eniola ,who knows her secret to such magnificent body ?
      Her fashion sense is on fire ! She really dress mature and cute .Too sweet and beautiful .

  3. I like her fashion sense, make sense die.

  4. Shez gorg. Nice wears

  5. Fineeeee babe with lovely stature, her smile is infectious


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