Thursday 5 March 2015

Who wore it Better? Mo’Cheddah vs Niyola in April by Kunbi


These two music divas have rocked same gorgeous yellow dress by Nigerian fashion brand April by Kunbi. 

Mo’Cheddah wore this dress a few weeks ago as she attended the wedding ceremony of her pastor.
She kept things simple as she opted for a pair of sparkly earrings and a belt. Niyola rocked the same dress for the shoot of her latest music video titled ‘The Word'  She kept things as natural as possible for this look as she opted for no jewelry. more pics below.....

MoCheddah Mo Cheddah 1


Which look is do you prefer?


  1. This one is hard mehn!
    Because I like Mo $cheddar I will go for her.
    Niyola also look nice.

  2. They both look good; slim & fit.
    its MO for me though

  3. Both ladies rocked it like the gospel truth,but
    Niyola did it for me . She won in my book with the hairstyle she chose .
    making her fill up the dress from head to toe.

  4. Dear Pat,
    Is with a very bitter ,frustrated and angry state of mind that made me pen you this letter .
    I want to know if there is a WANTED robot that bears the name Nnenna because I don't understand why I've to KEEP confirming that i'm no robot even with my ID .
    Dear Pat,pls fix it because it gets me lazy when is time to comment knowing i've to write the robot exam before clearing me .
    Love you so much for the fashion beast you're creating in me with this beauty of a blog .
    Nnenna Mentus .

    1. Awwww, Nnenna of Life...
      Lemme start by telling you that I miss you and your comments here, I love the way you put your words together.

      I am sorry about the "robot exam" you have to take before you comment, that was provider by blogger to help reduce spam comments. I will see how I can deactivate it. I hope you understand. **tight Hug**

    2. Sweetie mu Pat , Don't mind me jari .
      Na your attention I take style dey find .
      Now I have it , YIPPE !

      Yeah dear, well understood . Keep doing you dear , YOU ROCK !

    3. **smiling** Thanks a bunch Nne

  5. Lol@nnena

    Ok here is another attention seeker

    Dear PAT,

    These pictures don't always load on my phone on time. All am seeing is half body and my dear MO'cheddah. So am sure she did justice to it. Must I wait till midnight before I see some pinsures?hian

    And yes I use GLO

    1. hehehehe,

      It could be the network though but I hear GLO has a good internet service na.


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