Wednesday 11 March 2015

Enjoy the Best of Mother's Day Deals

Words might seem enough to express your love and gratitude for your mum but this Mother’s Day, we dare you to go beyond words and give your mother that gift she rightly deserves.
If you are ready to take on that challenge, you do not need to worry about what gift to get her because we have taken the liberty to put together a plethora of amazing gift items across various categories.

So whether your mum is a stay home mum, an office mum, a business mum, a fitness mum or even expecting a baby, we have just the right gift for her.....

If you are shopping on a budget, that is not a problem because we have amazing gifts at affordable prices guaranteed to make her heart melt.

So if you were not thinking of getting your mum a Mother’s Day gift, now is a good time to change your mind.

Place your orders now to have them delivered to you just in time for Mother’s Day. Start shopping now in konga's Click here to start shopping!!


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