Monday 2 March 2015

Khloe Kardashian or Nene Leakes To Replace Kelly Osbourne on Fashion Police?

Just 48hours after Kelly Osbourne quit Fashion Police, there is a strong rumor that E! might be considering Nene Leakes or Khloe Kadashian as possible replacement. Read what a source told Us Weekly.

         "[It's] "very possible" that [Kardashian]
will join the show. "She was supposed to
do it last time and passed. She may
consider doing it again but the offer would
have to be really high," the insider says.
"It's a lot of extra work for her."

Who do you think will be a perfect replacement?


  1. Yipee!! welcome, keep visiting.

  2. Don't have an idea who should be!!!!

    I dunno their capabilities

  3. Kloe!
    Happy new month dear Pat, wishing u d best in all ur endeavor IJN

    1. Amen! thank you so much darling.

      Happy new month to you too

  4. We are waiting for her to perform

  5. KHLOE !!!
    Sorry Nene ,you can't dress or walk tall in heels and you can't judge if you're in same predicament or you look/sound stupid and boring .But you never can tell sha .

    Nene can talk the talk, make you laugh or cry but she can't dress .
    Khloe on the other hand comes from a family where fashion is worshipped and treated like the queen . In fact, she and her family breaths fashion .
    You go girl .


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