Monday 2 March 2015

CWP Person of The Week - Ladapo Busayo

 Hey Lovelies!!! 
Happy New month....How did you weekend go? mine was fun-filled.
Its a new month so lets stay positive and be hopeful that some of those things we couldn't achieve last month would be achievable this month.

If you are an instagram addict like myself you must have come across this handle @thatdynamitechick; Ladapo Busayo is a model, stylist and fashion blogger. She is young, effortlessly chic and beautiful...she is the brain behind the blog, she believes that "Style is a way of having to speak without saying who you are". See some of her stylish outfit after the cut...

  • You read CWP blog but do not tell your friends about it, how do you sleep at night???
  • You read CWP blog but do not comment, how do you even eat?
*hehehe, these things wouldn't cost a thing dearies, show some love.



  1. Love the denim shirt paired with the orange hat, beautiful!

  2. Wow!this babe is beautiful...Jeez.she slayed all the outfit.
    Our tomatoe jos

  3. See clean babe

    She looks so flawless. Lovely

    Babe I have dropped comment ooo so I can sleep well before you start chasing me in my dreams hehehehe

    1. hehehehe, my dear if I ever visit you in your dream, I bet you will wake up smiling cos you're my person na.

  4. Wow she is hoooooot. Love her style

  5. beautiful she is damm pretty nice outfits

    1. Hi Benita, How are you doing? I replied a comment you left here:
      i dont know if you've seen it. Hows your sister doing now?

  6. Beautiful body, wonderful weaves ,Endless long legs, power packed fashion sense + sweet face .
    I love her style .
    She's at that age where she can pull off anything and make a WOWWW. thing .


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