Tuesday 31 March 2015

CWP Style: My New Love for Polka Dots

Who else is enjoying this whole election seasonal film...e sweet me die. I almost didn't want to do this post but I had to loose myself free, lol.

I just developed a new love for polka dot, polkas are one of fashion’s hottest trends, they trended back in the seventies and they are back and better. They can be found on just everything...pants, skirts, shirts, scarves and even nails. Polkas are fanciful, girlish, and playful, they suit everyone regardless of your body size or colour. Just try to keep it simple.

See some way to style your polka dot....

Images -google


  1. I need to buy more of it.
    Sai Buhari. I have been glued to my T.V since morning

  2. I love poka dot. Thinking of getting it again!!!!!

  3. I am actually wearing a polka blouse now. they are beautiful

  4. Truth be told, they're difficult to style , maybe is just me .
    But I love when a fashionista does justices to it . Is the one outfit that brings out the fun & playful nature in anybody and still looks great !
    Lemme start downloading the borrow pose .


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