Friday, 6 February 2015

Who says Fashion is for Adult alone? This little Boy's Fashion style is so on Point!

Few days back I found a little girl whose fashion style made me hide my face in shame, I shared it here. Today I found her male counterpart. OMG! these kids are "vexing".

Ryan is just three years old with so much "swagger" wow! Dear moms, come get some inspiration and make other kids envy yours. see more pics below....

Images - Instagram @ryansecrety


  1. Wow! Dis is amazing.

  2. I still prefer then female child btw he is not looking bad.

  3. Ghen ghen......I don't know who is winning but they are both on pointttt

    High five to the mom......

  4. Well said Chinco .
    This little angels Pat is sharing here are making me red with envy .
    So cute and beautiful . A well dressed child is everybody's Angel ,while a not so good is the mama's child only . So i'm downloading !


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